Here are some links to charities that we donate to


Recycle metals

It means we:

All of these steps we take are the ways we are stewards.  It is all quite time consuming but we are

proud to do it.  The  fact th​at we responsibly allocate items rather than just contributing to the

massively overfilling local landfill   -lets me sleep better at night......  

                                                                                          And so we go great lengths!

Donate reusable goods to local charities

What does  "allocated appropriately" really mean???

Compost 100% organic debris

       ​The single word, the very essence of The Sweatie Betties is STEWARDSHIP.  Our entire Mission    statement  can be summed up in that single word because whether it's your investment or just waste      and debris from your yard, we do the very best we can.   Then whatever is left in the end is allocated appropriately. .


Caring for, supervising or managing of something; especially the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care