​​On a more personal note:

and The Sweatie Betties were born

     MRS L.A-J

"Her (kara's) cleaning  was recommended  by a friend and in the year she has been  cleaning for us she has become family." 

​- Lymman Family

-Reno NV

Kara Pedroni- CEO

                                      I started The Sweatie Betties LLC in early                                      2015. Inspired by my drive to do what I                                       can to make a positive mark on this planet                               we all share as a home.  I would find regular conversation and talk about how sad it is that we are all so wasteful, that our landfills are getting stuffed with

"urban ore" and other "up-cyclable" material.  I wanted to find a way to change that fact.  After a couple of false starts I finally reached a point where I could begin to make  a difference...

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"I called my sister, who IS a cleaning FANATIC, and I told her she ain't got nothing on you (KARA)"

-Reno, NV.

"It's like Kara knows something about everything, she is so resourceful. We were matching some very old brackets in our  historic home and  ran into many roadblocks. We put Kara on the mission, and  she actually found  exactly what we needed."

                           --Ryan Daggett -      

                                       Sparks NV​


​Customer Testimony:

"It is just this simple- I will not have anyone Else clean my properties ever again"

Mitch S. 

-Reno, NV