Call to Action:  ( this one is.important)

In 2015 Internet nuetrality was in Jepordy and we all came together to voice our concerns and we kept the legislation from making any changes to the way se view the Internet.

Well they are at it again and it is just as important now as it was then, and more than it ever has been to raise our voices and notify your representitives, let them know that we will always feel the same way as we did in 20215, and that the internet should be left as a neutral source of media.

Heres what happens if we allow legislation to change the internet format:

*Comcast, Verizon, AT&T,  and a few other larger industries will slow the Internet to a crawl, and then force consumers to pay for special "higher speed  access"

*Likewise in order to be included in the results of a search quiry those same companies will impose fees on web pages developers,  just as they would if you wanted to get your commercial on TV. 

*Giant monopolies will control the Internet, forever- whatever it is that you are regularly checking out on your computer will no doubt change, the items you search for to by the opinions you search for to educate your self in your own ideal . 

*Everything you see will be filtered- I (being a struggling small business)  will never get any traffic to my site as I will be pushed out of any search results

* NO MORE FREE WIFI period!!!

Trumps newly appointed  FCC Chair -Ajit Pai—who has strong roots burried Verizon--infact hes a former VERIZON lawyer—  IS CURRENTLY putting our internets laws in question.  WE MUST STOP HIM!